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Find Cheapest Flight


How to Find Cheapest Flight from any Country?

Searching for the cheapest flight ticket is tiresome but if you know the facts then it could be easiest job for you to search for cheapest flights. I’ve experienced and repeated my searching when trying to find the cheapest flights to any of my destination. With endless search engines and continually fluctuating prices, the approach to frugal flight reservation is overwhelming. Here are some key-tips that shall save your time, frustration and most importantly money when you book your next flight.

Avoid Local Travel Agents

Stop Being Ripped Off! – Some local travel agents may charge you a huge amount even more than their fair profit they deserve, so it’s time to save your money and utilize it somewhere else.

Move to Online Search Engines

Online flights are always cheaper than other sources. Sometime you may get very cheap flights at surprising price fare. But there are some facts you need to know before you start searching your flights online.

Keep your Search Hidden from Booking Sites

You will notice online price increase for your destination after searching it multiple times in your web browser. Yes, websites use cookies, flight prices go up when your destination/route is repeatedly searched because the website thinks that destination or route you are searching for is in high demand, so here is the way, how you can hide your search in web browser from websites.

Always use incognito or private browsing mode in your browser for flight searching.

  • In Google Chrome incognito can be enabled with
    (Command + Shift + N) on Mac and (Ctrl + Shift + N) on PC.
  • In Safari private browsing can be enabled with
    (Command + Shift + N) on Mac and (Ctrl + Shift + N) on PC.
  • In Mozilla Firefox private window can be enabled with
    (Command + Shift + P) on Mac and (Ctrl + Shift + P) on PC.
  • In Internet Explorer private browsing can be enabled with
    (Command + Shift + P) on Mac and (Ctrl + Shift + P) on PC.

Above method will open a new browser window where your information is not tracked, thus not inflating prices as you search to find cheapest flights and you will see the lowest prices.

Each time you open incognito or private browsing mode your cookies are reset. So, if you want to start with a new flight search and don’t want to see increased prices so close all your incognito and private browsing windows, open a new one, and start your new flight search.

Choose Best Flight Search Engine

All search engines offer different price fares as per their profit policy. Some search engines keep lower cut and some higher from total flight ticket cost. You must choose best flight search engines that offer the lowest prices.

Consider Search Engines
    Combines all airlines and give you cheapest price options. Most of the time I use this one. My #1 flight search engine.
    Combines all airlines. Best thing of this search engine is you can see the price on calendar when you modify dates on calendar before you search. My #2 flight search engine.
Avoid These
    Charges higher price
    Charges higher price
    Charges higher price
    Worst customer support
Few Low Cost Airlines

Single search engine is not a good idea. You may need to perform your search on a combination of search engines to ensure you’re not missing lowest fares. I found the best. Most budget airlines appear on this flight search engine and offers cheapest price.

Budget Flight Booking Tips

  • Best Day to Fly Out
    Sometimes, some airlines decrease their prices on some events like Eid day, because fewer people fly out on the day of the Eid. Few months ago, I flew at evening time on the Eid day. I was flying with SalamAir from Karachi to Doha via Muscat, Oman, and flight cost was about Rs: 10,000 only one way.
  • Low Costs Airlines
    Low costs airlines offer only 7KG free in hand-carry so avoid more stuff. No baggage allowance is given. However, you can buy baggage allowance. No food is provided but you can buy on board or order in advance.
  • Advance Booking
    Some airlines offer cheapest flights if you book in advance, even before months, so you need to keep searching if you are a frequent flyer.
  • Family/Group Booking
    You can check instantly right now, if you open, input your From & To cities name, choose only one adult and check price per person. If you repeat same search with multiple passengers you will notice reduced price. Don’t forget to use incognito or private browsing mode as explained above.
  • Connecting Flights
    Look for connecting/stop over flights, more stops more cheaper.
  • Get Discounts with Points/Miles
    If you are a frequent traveler then you can use your points/miles, you can redeem your points/miles to book your next discounted flight, discount depends on your available credit.

Travel Within Southeast Asia Region

If you are flying within southeast Asia region eg: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc then you are lucky because you will find very cheap flights with low costs airlines eg: AirAsia, Jetstar, Lion Air, NokAir, VietjetAir, etc. I recommend you to use or to book your flight.

Travel Tips

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Cheapest Flight Ticket

Watch this video to know how to find Cheapest Flight Ticket for any City of any Country.

My Travel Experience with Cheapest Airlines

Flight Ticket $39 Only

Traveling from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam with low cost airline AirAsia.

Flight Ticket $20 Only

I was flying from Hanoi to Da Nang in Vietnam with VietJetAir. I got this domestic flight for $20 only.

Flight Ticket $25 Only

I was traveling from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam with VietJetAir. I got this flight for $25 only.

Flight Ticket $51 Only

Flying from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand. I got this flight for $51 only.

If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments section below. And share this information with your friends and family if you want.


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