Visa Guide

Visa guide to obtain visa on Pakistani passport in 2021.

Visa Guide

South Africa Visa Guide


How to get South Africa Visa on Pakistani Passport?

South Africa offers visitor visa to visit South Africa for tourism purpose. The South African visitor visa can be applied through the Appointed Visa Application Centers or Embassy or Consulate General of South Africa in Pakistan.

Visa Guide

Argentina Visa Guide


How to get Argentina Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Argentina tourist visit can be obtained by following few steps as mentioned below. Argentina visa application can be submitted in Embassy of Argentina in Islamabad or through the Authorized Visa Dropbox Centers as mentioned below on this page.

Visa Guide

Brazil Visa Guide


How to get Brazil Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Brazil offers different types of visas to Pakistani citizens, including tourist visas. First we need to fill and print the online form, then submit the visa application in-person to the Brazilian embassy or consulate with all required documents after taking appointment by email or phone. Interview is mandatory and will be held by Consular Officers in the Consular Section of Embassy or Consulate.

Visa Guide

Cuba Visa Guide


How to get Cuba Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Cuba Tourist Visa, also known as Tourist Card, can be obtained by post or by visiting the Cuba Embassy in Islamabad. Tourist visa (tourist card) requirements are simple and visa can be obtained without a bank statement.

Visa Guide

Canada Visa Guide


How to get Canada Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Canada offers visitor visa for tourism and other short term visit purposes. Canada visa application can be submitted at any of the authorized Visa Application Centers in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Fingerprint biometrics, digital photo will be taken at the Visa Application Center.

Visa Guide

Russia Visa Guide


How to get Russia Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Invitation letter and step-by-step Russian visa process is described in this visa guide. Russian invitation letter can be obtained online and visa can be applied at the Russian Embassy in Pakistan.

Visa Guide

Ukraine Visa Guide


How to get Ukraine Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Ukraine offers short-term visa (type C) to visit Ukraine for tourism purpose. Ukraine’s short-term visa can be obtained from appointed Visa Application Center or Embassy or Consulate General of Ukraine in Pakistan.

Visa Guide

Romania Visa Guide


How to get Romania Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Romania short term Tourist Visa process is very simple. Romania Visa can be obtained from Embassy of Romania in Islamabad or Consulate of Romania in Karachi.

Visa Guide

Philippines Visa Guide


How to get Philippines Visa on Pakistani Passport?

The Philippines Tourist Visa can be obtained from Philippines Embassy in Islamabad or Philippines Consulate in Karachi or Lahore. Personal appearance by the applicant is required.

Visa Guide

Nepal Visa Guide


How to get Nepal Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Nepal Tourist Visa can be applied online at the link given here and after receiving email approval you can submit your original passport for visa stamping at your nearest embassy or consulate of Nepal.